Page 2 - Liver patient passport
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         One of the best ways to take control of your condition
         is for you to play an active role in managing it by working
         with your healthcare team. Following the below
         lifestyle recommendations will help you to do this.

         •   Try to keep yourself physically    •   If you have been instructed by
          active if you can                  your doctor to take lactulose,
         •   Eat healthily and at regular    ensure that you take enough
          time points                        for 2–3 soft bowel movements a day
                                            •   Avoid all alcohol if you have
         •   Please make sure that you follow
          your dietitian’s nutritional advice   been advised not to drink (very
          on recommended salt and protein    important). Even small amounts of
          intake and how to maintain bone    alcohol can cause problems when
          health such as taking vitamin D    your liver is cirrhotic
                                            •   Avoid smoking (very important)
         •   Discuss with your doctor if you
          have any problems doing your job   •   Avoid sleeping tablets or tranquilisers
          or carrying out usual activities
                                            •   Discuss with your doctor if at any
                                             point you change any of your
                                             medicines, including herbal remedies
                                            •   Tell a member of your healthcare
                                             team if you get constipated
                                            •   Mention to your doctor if your
                                             abdominal area seems bigger
                                             than usual or swollen
                                            •   Seek help if you have a fever, chills
                                             or if your legs become swollen

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